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    Unanswered: replace special character

    I'm trying to remove the special character from a varchar

    select replace(my_col,'',' ')

    this works, but the problem is that it also seems to replace the 'normal' y

    (Database is case sensitive)

    Why is that?

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    I'm guessing a bit here, since I don't have that much experience outside of the default collation for SQL. I think your collation is probably Case Sensitive, Accent Insensitive (CS_AI) (see SQL Collation Name in BOL). I think what you will have to do is perform a binary comparison of your search string to ensure that you are only replacing the desired character. You will probably have to perform the comparison in the WHERE clause, since I don't see a binary option for the REPLACE function.

    Sorry, that's not much to go on; I hope it might lead you in the right direction.


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    Try this:

    select replace(my_col,char(255),'')
    Kit Lemmonds

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    the char(255) has the same effect,
    but changing the collation to AS does the trick

    Thanks for the replies

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