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    Red face Unanswered: Auto Front End Updater for MS Access97

    I have a Front End/Back End data base of a very large NT network. I often carry out updates on the front end master database on the server but then have to go around to each client workstation and then bring in the updated front end from the server. I am looking for something that when the user fires up the front end on their workstation, it checks for the version number in the master front end database and if a newer version is found on the server, it will automatically capy across the new version. I cannot use the AutoFE Updater from Granite because it contains a small VB program that I cannot use on our network (security reasons). I am ideally looking for something that is built into the existing front end.

    Grateful for any help or advice. Remember, I'm using MS Access 97 (still have to catch up to the rest of the world!!)

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    Izyrider did this a while back (at least I think it was him) ... You setup a "stub" FE (on each client) that performs your FE/BE version matching and if different then run a batch to delete/copy/rename the functional FE app on each client ... If the versions are sympatico then it runs the functional FE ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    Hi. Small world. I am working on a similar type of problem in Access 97. I solved mine by checking the properties of the database, storing that value, and doing a compare of the version number of the database in the "new" directory. If the version number is older then I have a routine that executes and essentially does a file copy of the newer version.

    To get the database properties information, I do the following and have it post to a msgbox.

    dim msginfo, msginfo1, msginfo2 as string
    dim db as database
    dim fsize, dummyvar
    Dim prpNew As Property
    Dim prpLoop

    'get size of the database
    'if file size is 0, then it doesnt exist it that location
    fsize = FileLen(Me!Label2.Caption) 'replace with path of the database
    fsize = Format(fsize, "#,##0MB")

    'get property settings of the database
    Set db1 = OpenDatabase(Me!Label2.Caption) 'replace with path & db name

    With db1
    msginfo1 = "Properties of " & .Name & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    msginfo1 = msginfo1 & "Size of the Current Database is: " & fsize
    msginfo = ""

    For Each prpLoop In .Properties
    With prpLoop
    msginfo = msginfo & "Property: " & .Name & ". "
    If .Name = "Connection" Then
    dummyvar = 1
    msginfo = msginfo & "Value = " & .Value & vbCrLf
    End If

    End With

    Next prpLoop
    msginfo2 = msginfo1 & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & msginfo
    MsgBox msginfo2
    End With

    You should be able to get all db properties from this.

    I hope this helps.


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