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    Unanswered: Memory increasing for the SQLServer process

    Out techs informed me that they are getting reports of a system slow down. When they look, they find sqlserver.exe has lots of memory allocated to it. They reboot the server and then it runs okay for a few weeks. They tell me this just started happening recently.

    SQLServer itself has not been touched in months. They are, however, starting to use one of the databases heavier.

    I found a setting where you can set max_server_memory. Any problems if I set this to a value?

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    So long as it is set high enought, there are no problems. Keep in mind, SQLServer likes memory. It is around ten times faster to read data from memory as it is from disk. I would check the paging rates, rather than the physical memory usage, to see if there is an actual problem on the box.

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