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    Unanswered: Informix question

    Hey everybody.
    I have a simple query
    select gvwr from comm_veh where user_id=123

    the problem is that the gvwr field is not consistant
    the data that users have entered can have a value from 20 to 80000
    this is a weight value. All of the weights should be over 1000
    is there a way that I can multiply the gvwr field by 1000 for every entry that is less than a thousand?
    by the way the gvwr field is an integer
    Thanks for your help


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    I'm not sure , if this is what you want:
    select gvwr*1000 from comm_veh where gvwr <1000 and user_id=123
    union all
    select gvwr from comm_veh where gvwr >=1000 and user_id=123

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    Hate to say it, but it sounds like you have a serious data hygeine issue. Somehow I doubt that a simple *1000 if less than 1000 would make ANY kind of logical sense. If it does, you need to fix the values permanently, and then set some constraints.

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