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    Unanswered: sqlboot.dll is corrupt or tampered with

    I logged onto the console for the first time in 45 days and this message was on the login sceen. It goes on to state "please unistall the reun setup to correct the problem.

    THis is a clustered setup (active ative) and not inclined to do a unstall. I searched the file system and the file is located in the proper location and same size as teh file for the second instance. The machine was to have some diagnostics for MS and Dell run followed by a reboot. I have postponed all the maint till tomorrow to research the issue and have the Winders guy on hand just in case.

    Any ideas on solving this issue.

    Thanks in advance for any comments

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    Congrats! Your post made Google's list!

    As for advice, I am basically seeing two recommendations. From this link, I am seeing that a reinstall is necessary.

    From another link (which gives a 404 error, but reading from the summary on Google), I see: "rename the corrupt file and replace with a new download."

    Neither of these would I take at face value. Contact MS Support. Open a ticket and get the right answer.


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