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    Unanswered: Selection Problem

    I have a table as follow:

    Name Cuntr. Mon. Major Year
    Peter Canda Jan Sci 2004
    Peter Canda Feb Sci 2004
    Johin China Jan Art 2004
    Johin China Jan Art 2005
    Maria Italy Jan Art 2004
    Londi Italy Feb Sci 2005
    Londi Italy Mar Sci 2005

    My objective is to extrct part of the table so that the output cannot have a record that only has different in Month. i.e. the result should be:

    Name Country Month Major Year
    Pete Canda Jan Sci 2004
    John China Jan Art 2004
    John China Jan Art 2005
    Mary Italy Jan Art 2004
    Lond Italy Feb Sci 2005

    How can I input the SQL in order to achieve this target?

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    select Name, Country, min(Month), Major, Year
    from yourtable
    group by Name, Country, Major, Year | @rudydotca
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