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    Unanswered: Application over an industry LAN with Ms Access databases

    Dear friends,
    i work for an industry and i have a running project with terrible constraints.
    First let me tell you that all pc's are networked+with shared drives.
    There are a number of let's say "source" pc's (less than 10) that operate on
    their own (running a VB application) and save production relative data
    locally in MSAccess database.
    What i have to do is make a java application (or maybe applet) that permits
    to someone (from a LAN location) to see analysis and statistics on these
    databases .
    That is i must make an application(or applet) that connects to these
    databases,do some queries,do some data elaboration(like pareto analysis and
    statistics stuff) and present some histograms etc.

    The problem is that i dont know why way to go:i must point out that i dont
    know much about rmi,corba and j2ee stuff but i'm a quick learner...
    i already have programming experience with applet and a cgi script with an
    apache server.

    Also currently there is no server for these pc's but if neccessary i can
    request one.

    Please tell me (if you can) some possible general solutions ( from the most
    easy to the most sophisticated and professional)

    Thank you very much,


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    Ok, At first I think you do not need rmi or something, You should try JDBC and a driver for access, not the bridge jdbcdbc.
    You could fetch the data for databases, do whatever you want and show the results.
    I thing also that you make what is more easier for you: application, applet or J2EE- maybe application will be more easier for histograms .
    I am waiting for news

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    The bridge driver is indeed terribly bad news. It's unstable and slow, meant only as a technology demonstrator and not for production use (the documentation states as much).

    You will indeed need a process on the machine hosting the mdb's to do the database access, unless maybe you can get away with a drive share (but that would be terribly risky in a multiuser environment and may not work at all).

    So either a web application generating the charts on the fly and sending them as graphics over the intranet (would be my preferred solution, nicely complex and a challenge to code), an applet connecting to a serverside process and rendering the chart on the fly on the client (I don't like applets), or a clientside application connecting to that serverside process.

    Communication between client and server could well be over RMI, but sending XML (for example) over network sockets would work as well and might be easier to implement at the cost of somewhat higher network traffic.

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