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    I have created a database which has a lot of reports. I find myself getting creative with the report names in order to make them recognizable yet not look like sentences, both in the report names as well as the descriptor the user sees, however they still seem to too long and sometimes confusing. I do use the Context Tip function for the user end, however that seems like a workaround to me. Does anyone have any neat thoughts on organizing multiple report names, keeping them short, descriptive and not look like sentences, both in the report names as well as the descriptor text the user sees on the menu?

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    Break your Reports up into categories. Let these categories bear some of the descriptive name weight. Then within each category, use shorter report names that relate to each category they reside in.

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    I have a standard layout similar to what cyberlynx is describing. I have a report and reportcategory table to provide meaningful meta data about individual reports to present to the end user.
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    Always prefix a report name with "rpt" so as to immediately recognize it in VBA code as a report. Otherwise, use neunomic names. Name length clearly describing the report is preferable.

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