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    Desperate Help required (Design issue)


    I need an urgent help with the design of the database, We have already a database in production but we are facing a problem with extensibility.

    The client information is variant that is
    1) number of fields are different for each client
    2) client may ask anytime in future to add another field into the table

    Please provide your views with practical implication (advantages and disadvantages) or any resource where I can find information.....

    Help appreciated.....

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    one solution may be to have 2 (or more) main tables for your customer, one contains the common information
    the other is an extension table containg key pairs
    a 3rd table groups and identifes the key pair
    table Prod 'existing table
    ProdID 'system generated Id

    table ProdExt
    ProdID 'fk to table product
    KeyID 'fk to table keypair
    KeyValue 'contians the required value

    table KeyPair
    KeyID 'system generated Id
    KeyName 'descriptuion of key eg "ProductHeight"
    KeyGroupID 'fk in KeyType
    SortSeq 'allows you to control the sequence in which the key pair should be presented

    table KeyType
    KeyGroupID 'system generated Id
    KeyGroupDesc ' description eg 'measurements

    -you could extend KeyType to include some form of hierarchy

    its not necessarily the way I'd want to do it, but it could meet your requirements. I'd want to bottom out why some customers have different information requirements, and try to work out if that difference is because you don't have all the information required at present, or if your teacher wants to find out if you have been awake this last 4 months.

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    More details

    Thanks for the response
    That is right the difference is due to the reason that we do not have all the information required at present.
    Moreover, the some customers have different information requirements for example some customers have 3 addresses
    may be others have only two. May be later a new customer joins and he needs five addresses. Addresses is just
    an example it can be anything which we are not sure right now but these fields will be only informative fields.

    The environment is VB6, ADO with SQL Server 2000

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