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    Question Unanswered: Jet Database

    I was wondering if somebody can help me answer a question which is:

    What are the down side of having a Jet Access Database with FE and BE for Multiple users (10) in a Data entry environment?

    I have read some threads about upgrade Access app to SQL Server but it didn't give me the details what problems it could occur if I go down the route of FE and BE.

    I,m planning to design a small apps for data entry through forms.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The answer is an absolutely certain, no brainer unqualified.... it depends.

    On what?
    Really Access is much more concerned with the number of concurrent users. 10 users is nothing if they will only be accessing the database for an hour or two a week and these times will be random. It would be an issue if they are accessing the db at the same time, and especially so if they will be altering the same records.
    Also - disconnecting your db, while introducing different concurrency problems, should result in you being able to support a higher number of concurrent users.

    Personnally, I would need good reason to justify the cost of a SQL Server license for 10 users however SQL Express (free version of SQL Server 2005) might be a nice in between. You could of course suck it and see - stress test a none-too-fancy database and see how things perform.
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    Thanks for the quick response.

    But in my case all the users will be accessing and ammending records througout the day.
    And most probably could land on the same record twice a day just in a extreme scenario.

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    Coding for multiple users

    You may also want to consider writing your code via unbound forms - that is a form with all the controls on it but no record source. You would populate the control on the forms via a function (i.e. WriteRec, RetrieveRec, etc..).

    This will give you a faster response time and work around the issue of multiple users (remember - users like to open a customer record, go to lunch with that customer record up on the screen, come back from lunch and continue.)

    If done correctly, even though it takes more time to write the code, you'll like the performance. - It is best to have MySQL or SQL Server as a backend for your tables though and link in the tables or write code to retrieve them.

    You can also consider an adp project if you have sql server back-end tables.
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    Thanks everybody I think we shouldn't use access as a Back end solution,
    to many risks involved in that exercise.

    Thanks for help again.

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