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    Unanswered: Requery and control focus

    I have a subform that has invoice detail info: date, description. wgt, rate, extrate. Extrate is a calculated field and therefore not a tab stop. My prob is I need to requery subtotal / total if wgt or rate changes. When I use .requery, focus is set to control that I issued after update command on. For rate I can add code to set focus to rate...but for rate there is no other field to set focus to on that subform line...I want it to position to first control (date) on next line. If I set focus to date, it positions to current line where I issued after update, not next line for input.

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    When you requery, the instant record loses focus and the 1st record will get focus.

    Therefore, your have to manually move to a new record after the requery. Then set focus to the desired control.

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