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    Question Unanswered: Database 95% complete - Please check errors

    his database is for a car event that's held once a year. It has been a work in progress for about 15 weeks now and is basically finished. There is only a couple of errors and not sure where to start. The database is so big it is getting a little out of reach for me to organize everything.

    Idea of the database is that I can enter entrant's information, there car details and any merchandise they want.

    Main errors I’ve noticed are;
    1. In email form if you select one user it still emails everyone.
    2. In the car details form the induction box does not show the value list I created in the car table.
    3. when entering a t-shirt in the products form you select the shirt size. Is this the best way to lay this out.
    4. In the Order Form what is the best way to add a freight box between Sub-Total & Total where you can type the freight in and it's automatically added to the Total Box

    Have a look over the db and let me know what ya's think.

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