I re-installed a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (64 bit version) containing database and OLAP cubes. The Windows 2003 Server (64 bit) was re-installed and all hard drives was formatted.

Since MSSQL 64-bit doesn't have user interface (like Enterprise Manager and Analysis Manager), I used the Enterprise Manager on a laptop, and then added the 64-bit Database Server and Analysis Server to the said Enterprise Manager.

Well, I have successfully registered the 64-bit MSSQL Database Server; it already appeared on my Enterprise Manager and I can browse its contents. However, when I add the Analysis Service to the Analysis Manager, it failed with the following error message:

Errors occured while connecting to
Cannot open connection to Analysis server''.
Error in data [Possible data corruption] "
Do you still want to register this server?


Well, I think it was weird, because I have successfully registered the Database Server with exactly the same IP address. Furthermore, I don't think there could be any possible data corruption, because I haven't created anything on the SQL Server.

Also, when I tried to register the Analysis Server anyway, it appeared on the Analysis Manager console, but marked with red (instead of green). Furthermore, when I tried to browsed it, it gives the error message "Automation Error".

What's going on? Thanks!