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    Unanswered: Connection problem ESQL/C and ACC

    We have developed an application using ESQL/C and C++.

    We have complied the ESQL/C component with esql and the C++ component with acc.

    We then link edited using acc.

    Finally we dployed the application - and this ran without problems on various HP-UX's on our environment.

    We have now installed this application on a clieznt host and are now failing in a standard database connect.

    -25590 Authentication error.

    This error indicates that an invalid user ID or password was used to
    connect to the database server. Provide a valid user ID and password.

    This error can also occur if the CSM option is enabled on the database
    server side but disabled on the client application side, or vice versa.
    If you want to use a CSM, make sure that the CSM option is set in the
    sqlhosts file for both the database server and client application.

    As the server normally allows connections based on the unix login this suggests to us that we are missing an option for the link editor.

    Any thoughts.

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    Caused by the use ov the Xopen libraries.

    These have been replaced with the earlier toolset.

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