glad i found a forum with msql & informix issues.
I'm not a DB geek, so i'd be grateful to get some help...

our SMB plans to upgrade our old unix system to linux on the one hand, and our old informix 4.10 DB to a newer (& open source-) one, as MYSQL. Now, even with the old informix system, it's possible to create a MYSQL DB as a copy which can be questionned by ODBC afterwards, but the problem is the Informix programming language which - obviously - is proprietary. Our programmer claims if we change everything to mysql, all the programms he wrote must be rewritten, which we want to avoid.

So here is my question:

if we migrate from informix (even from a more recent version) to mysql, is it possible not only to export the DB, but also to convert informix programming language to mysql?

thanks for any help on this issue!!!