I have a problem which makes me impossible to work in my Solaris 9 machine via telnet.

I connect to the machine via telnet:

telnet <IP address>

when the login is displayed I successfully log in (as root or as any other user).
Well, I'm working and, after some time (usually a couple of minutes), I'm automatically logged out.

This is not related to any kind of inactivity timeout, since I'm working and entering commands all the time. In fact, when I connect back to the system, the processes I was running are still alive, including the "ksh" or "sh" processes.

I've traced (with truss) the process "inetd" and it detects when a login is done and also if a desired logout is done. However, when this occurs, it does not show any activity.

Did anobody "suffer" any similar problem? Please, help!!! Curently, only from the console it is possible to work with this machine. Does mean only 1 user!!!