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    I need some help?

    I have scaned a picture and I want to put as a background picture into access form. The reason why Im doing this is that I I want to make a form from where I will put data and will be printed in a way that i want. Could you please tell me how to solve problem. I have resized the picture into desired format I import picture into form but then the format is changed. Is there any possiblity to fix margins of the background picture??

    I hope you will help me therefore Im thanking you in advance.


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    Hi blindmancries - welcome to the forum

    I don't remember having any problem doing this (you need to use a bitmap, size it to the form correctly and ensure you don't have any tiling\ stretch etc going on) however I ended up removing the background because my app size exploded (a ~10KB picture -> ~2MB bloat). As such, you might find this is not a goer in any case.
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