For a large table of measures (facts) that includes a number of bit indicators (boolean) (ie: IsOrdered_Ind, IsShipped_Ind, IsInvoiced_Ind, etc.), what is the best way to break these indicators out into a dimension(s).

For example (and this is just that - a fictictous example), a table of order-related information has Region_Id, Order_Type_Id, Discount_Type_Id, Order_Amt, Order_Date, Ship_Date, Agent_Commission_Pct, IsShipped_Ind, IsInvoiced_Ind, IsWhatEver_Ind...) The Ids are usually related to lookup tables. But the indicators are my problem.

My intial thought is to create a view on the fact table that includes the PK and all of these indicators in one row as opposed to creating a seperate table for each bit indicator as you would for normal lookup tables (Order_Type_Id, Revenue_Type_Id, etc..)

An alternative would be to create a table with a distinct binary code for each of the possible values, but that makes things a little too complex for my taste.

Any advice?