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    Unanswered: Insert values in the first page from the second page

    I have page 1, that has a drop down box with codes. When a code is selected, it opens another page with code descriptions in a drop down.

    This is what I an trying to do:

    On selecting a description option in page 2 drop down, page 2 should be closed and the selected value should be inserted in page 1 drop down. How could I do this in asp? Please help.

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    If I understand you need something with this, it add a text from the scnd page to the first.
    Because you use drop down box, you have to change it .
    You need at scnd this at form.
    <INPUT type="button" value="" onClick="postdata();self.close();"

    function postdata() {
    var oldval = top.opener.document.form.some.value;
    top.opener.document.form.some.value= "";
    top.opener.document.form.some.value = 
    oldval +  document.form.some.value;
    		oldval = "";
    // -->

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