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    Unanswered: Import a new column in query and add to the report

    Hi there, Newbie to Access and have got a problem with a report i require for work ??

    In work we have a macro to download a report every 15mins, which is then imported into my database. So we have one table called [Data Import]

    I have a load query which updates the time and date on the imported data to the current time when loaded.

    I have then got a cross query which takes information, extracts only todays date and supplies the number of workorders by Branch , with a column of the time the report was received.

    In the database attached the query 'rqryLocareportforday' shows the above.

    When i create a web page in the wizard the info is shown correctly and i can lay it out and complete required arithmetic, ie (9am count - 8.15am count), conditional formating...etc

    Problem is each time new data is imported, a new column is added, and the data can not find the label in the template report.

    Is there a way this can be performed, so that the data when recieved, the form creates a new heading (10:15PM, 11:30PM etc ) for this data and adds it on to the report/webpage in such a way that i can use the details to complete some simple arithmatic on the form also ???????

    I have attached the download address for my zipped db, the cross query is [qryLocareportforday]which supplies the data

    thanks for any help in advance,

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    Hi spamvalley (what is it with spam and user names?) - welcome to the forum

    I have never had the displeasure of having to construct a report for a crosstab query however I know it can be done. I googled and found this - any use?

    In fact, looks to me like at least one of these might help you:

    BTW - I don't know much about DAPS (presuming that you are using these) and I am afraid that they don't tend to see much action on this forum. Are you using Data Access Pages or Reports?
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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