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    Unanswered: two versions of Access on one computer

    Is it OK to load Access 2003 onto a computer that already has Access 97 loaded. And if I do, and then later unload Access 2003, will Access 97 continue to work OK?

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    it might, but then again it might not.

    In all seriousness, if you can avoid loading 2 versions of MS Office onthe same computer, then don't. There have been numerous reports of problems. These problems can be so severe that it makes using any MS Office application virtually impossible, and require a complete reinstall of the OS & all applications & data.

    Theoretically it should be possible to install an application into its own directory structure and not interefere with other applications. Personally I have my doubts - thats why if I have to use different version of software I use a different PC, or fire up a PC that boots the required OS & application from a JAZZ disk.
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    Yeah - agreed with Healdem.

    It is ok - but expect problems

    We ran 97 and 2k on workstations - total nightmare. Main problem is that Windows uses the last-used-version of Access as the default version to open any Access database unless told otherwise. Only way we got round it was to use shortcuts to open all databases, with the relevent version of Access specified in the shortcut. A pain and easily circumvented by "creative" users. Absolutely, without a doubt install in different directories though if you are overriding the defaults then you are asking for trouble.

    From what Healdy says - looks like we got it easy

    Avoid if you can - can't the A97 dbs be converted to 2K?
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    Exclamation BIG Problem with 2 versions of MSAccess on same machine

    There is a BIG problem with having 2 versions of MSAccess on the same machine.

    If you try importing a form/report/module into a new/existing mdb and don't IMMEDIATELY debug, you'll EASILY trash the mdb (try importing a form into a test mdb and then modify and save the form without debugging!) You will notice that suddenly you CANNOT debug and will get a nasty error and have a corrupt mdb!)

    The ONLY way to fix this is to open the corrupt mdb in a /decompile state, delete the imported form, open again in a /decompile state again, create a dummy form, add in 1 control/text box, save the form with the EXACT same name, open again in a /decompile state, (I can't remember if you debug here or not), delete the form, then debug again!! (I discovered this the hard way!)

    Lesson: ALWAYS debug immediately after importing any forms/reports/modules when you have 2 versions of MSAccess on the same machine!!

    This problem went away when we uninstalled the old and new version of MSAccess and then installed just the new MSAccess version.
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    I did it when I upgraded from 97 to 2002 and it was only annoying. I didn't have corruption problems like others did. My biggest problem was whatever database I opened last (97 or 2002) would change all of my file associations to that version. So if I opened a 97 database, all the mdbs I had on my system would default to 97. So when you opened a db that was created in 2002 you would get an unrecognized db error.

    There is some help on

    I thought there was one for 97 and 2002 but if not the steps are similar.

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