I am making a asset database…and really need help with something.
I have the following:
‘System’ table (contains: asset numbers, serial numbers…etc, etc)
‘ItemID’ table (contains: brand, type, size and ID)
‘Add asset’ form (entering a new asset)

In my ‘system’ table I want to replace the value’s brand, type and size information with 1 unique ID that is stored as a TypeID in my ‘System’ table.
Every specific combination of Brand, Type and Size forms a unique ID.

My first problem is the following: In my “Add asset form” I want to select the brand, type, size info but only save the ID to my system table. I do not know how to filter out the ID?

Second problem is to filter my options depending on anther selections:
For instance: if I select IBM as the brand, so my type selections is narrowed to only the types related to IBM. So its must be impossible to select a LaserJet 4000 if the brand is IBM.
Same procedure for the Size (Monitor size) 15inch, 17Inch .etc.etc

I hope someone can help.