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    Unanswered: Cannot delete remote server

    Trying to delete remote server 'DVA'

    - When I go to delete the 'DVA' from the list of remote servers I get
    - Error 15190: There are still remote logins for the server 'DVA'

    I execute the following statement to list remote logins

    - execute sp_helpRemoteLogin

    the output returns

    T1 | Distributor_admin | distributor_admin | trusted
    T1 | Distributor_admin | sa | trusted

    Fair enough I go to delete those remote logins using

    - execute sp_dropremotelogin 'DVA' ,'distributor_admin', 'distributor_admin'
    - execute sp_dropremotelogin 'DVA' ,'distributor_admin', 'sa'

    but.. get the following error messages

    There is no remote user 'Distributor_admin' and 'sa' mapped to the local user 'distributor_admin' from the remote server 'DVA'

    Don't understand why it is not finding those logins and how to resolve?

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    It almost sounds like a publication is still active on the server. Is that true.

    Can you drop the publication(s) and then check to sede if the remote server is still listed?

    -- This is all just a Figment of my Imagination --

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