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    Unanswered: Datasheet View of Select Queries

    I have 2 select queries, both using multiple tables. In datasheet view one query (A) will allow addition and deletion of records and has a blank record (line) at the bottom, the other query (B) will not allow this. I would like to know what this phenomenon is caused by and how I can make "A" perform like "B".

    I have a message box in some VB code that is associated with the error handler and the message comes to the screen if a report and its underlying query has no records. This doesn’t work on query "A" but works fine on query "B".

    I am thinking that because it has a blank line the error handler thinks it has returned a record and doesn’t display the message. Am I on the right track? Can anyone help?

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    Read this article to help you understand why B is not updateable.;EN-US;174640

    The basic reason why B is not updateable is Access doesn't know which record you want to update. So it makes the recordset/query results read only. Along with the suggestions in the article, I suggest you set up relationships and primary keys (if you haven't already). If you define how tables relate to one another, it will be clearer to Access how to update the proper record.

    As far as your code is concerned, maybe you can post the relevant parts.

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