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    Unanswered: Using TRIGGER to un-INSERT.

    We have to create a trigger which is activted during an INSERT which will under certain criteria NOT INSERT the row. I.E. For table T1 if C1='X' and C2='Y' do not insert the row.

    Is there a better way to do this? As you'll see below, we're allowing the insert, then deleting that row. I'd thing there's a better way.

    We're testing the following code:

    create trigger inst1.tr1
    after insert on inst1.tab1
    referencing new as new
    for each row mode db2sql
    when (new.action='C' and
    (new.elem like '%aa%' or
    new.elem like '%bb%' or
    new.elem like '%cc%' or
    new.elem like '%dd%' or
    new.elem like '%eePI%'
    begin atomic
    delete from inst1.tab1
    where loadday_tmstmp=new.loadday_tmstmp and
    issueno=new.a and
    itemno=new.b and
    action=new.c and

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    Assuming C1 and C2 is in the same table you can create a check constraint on the table which will prevent inserts using the business rule - See the SQL reference for check constraint syntax

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