We have two tables Loans (Parent) & LoanIndicators (Child).

LoanIndicators stores the Loan status (ex Outstanding Amount) date wise. This table is updated with a new record only when the Outstanding Amount Changes , until that time the last record holds the status.

Ex :
Loan Table
Id LoanId LoanAmount
1 L1 1000
2 L2 2000

LoanIndicator Table

Id LoanId IndicatorDate Outstanding Amount
1 L1 1/1/2005 100
2 L1 1/13/2005 90

So in the above case if i want to know the Outstanding amount on 1/10/2005 of L1 i.e the record dated 1/1/2005 gives me the outstanding amount of 100.

To Create a Cube on this I create a View linking Loan & LoanIndicators i.e the view holds all the Parent + Child Records of each of the Loans.
Also the cube has a dimension on IndicatorDate.

Now in the Cube the Total AMount of Loan disbursed is 4000 but it shouold be 3000.
It is 4000 because it is summing L1 twice as the view has two records for L1.
1) How do we prevent this summing of L1 twice ?

2) If I want to know the Outstanding Amount on 1/10/2005 for L1 , how do i get it (It should be 100 as the position only changes on 1/13/2005).


Shuchi Agarwal