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    rss not refreshing on MyYahoo

    When adding the rss feed to MyYahoo, it only displays data from 2/8/06, instead of the latest content. The string I use is:

    for the sql server forum.

    When I load the link above manually into the browser, new content seems to be displayed, so I'm wondering if there's an rss tag which indicates that content has been updated. Perhaps yahoo is not loading the rss module correctly.

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    Since the XML is being updated I'm going to have to guess that Yahoo is caching an older version on their end. There might be a setting for update frequency in the MyYahoo settings for this feed.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Matt. I've just discovered that the problem only exists for the RSS2 feed ( When I try to add the RSS2 feed, the content preview only shows posts from 6 days ago. Refreshing will not add any new content. I'm thinking that Yahoo cannot refresh RSS2.

    The RSS .9 feed is fine (except that it doesn't have a title). Refreshing the page will load new posts.

    This works fine.

    Thanks for your help.
    Kit Lemmonds

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