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    Question Unanswered: Unusual form error in ACC 97

    Hi, not sure if anyone has run into this. I am creating an administration database to help manage the 300+ Access databases this organization currently uses. Unfortunately, I have had to develop this in Access97. Anyway, I have code in a particular form in a 97 database that acts rather odd.

    The command button calls a function that performs a modification to the .properties("description") of any given table in the named database correctly. However, if the command button is clicked again after the command button action completes, the form goes into hide mode. I have to manually unhide the form.

    I have turned debugging on, and that has not provided any information. I have also included code to ensure that the form is in a visible state, but that has had no effect.

    The form is not bound, as I execute all SQL within the form or from modules. Curious if anyone else has run across this issue and if they were able to resolve it.



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    What does your code look like for opening and closing database objects? I am thinking it might be how you 'cleanup' your database object(s). Does the code execute properly the second time? I would try, temporarily, commenting out the code that cleans up database objects and see if the problem goes away.

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    fixed it. thanks my friend. it was a wierd error related to an activeX control.

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    Please post the fix.
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