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    Unanswered: tns listener problem Client10.1.0.2 (ora12541: tns no listener)

    Im facing some problem..

    I just installed oracle 10.1.0 (10g) db and client tools on separate machine machine.

    The Client Tools has 4 types of installation

    4)instant client

    I selected the "Administrator" installation type..

    The oracle server is installed in different machine and client in different machine

    The oracle server is working fine. I can connect to it and retreive data..
    But the oracle client which is installated on separate machine is giving problem. It cannot connect to the server machine.

    I then try to connect using oracle client to a database which is located in another machine and I get the error ORA-12541: TNS: No listener.

    I also checked the TNSListener Service in Server and its running fine on the server

    Below is the content of my tnsnames.ora file

    SSM =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))
    (SID = DPL)

    The host here is the server machine where the actual database is located

    This is the content of listener.ora

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = samm089)(PORT = 1521))

    The host here is the client machine.

    Any idea/help would be really appreciated?


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    If u want to connect client machine with the server then y are u going for listener. just make a service to connect to the main database. if u still need the listener try restarting the listener using lsnrctl in command prompt

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    The test you conduct on the server must use the Oracle Net stack, or it is not a valid test. This means, connect with a fully qualified user name, password, and service name such as sqlplus system/manager@dpl

    If the above test is successful, then start testing the client. The same tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora you have on the server can be copied to the client. Then, test connecting from the client using the same fully qualified connection string: sqlplus system/manager@dpl

    Keep in mind the ADDRESS lines in tnsnames.ora must point to your listeners, not your databases. All connection requests go to a listener, and the listener will then contact the database on your behalf to setup a shadow process for you (either by bequeath or direct hand off.)

    In your example tnsnames, I recommend removing ADDRESS_LIST as it provides no value and changes the behavior of load balancing and failover which you want to trickle down from the DESCRIPTION block. Also, you really should replace the Oracle 7 "SID" syntax with the Oracle 8i and higher "SERVICE_NAME" syntax.
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