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    Unanswered: Permissions issue


    We have about 100 objects including tables and procedures,in our DDL scripts after creating the objects, we are also executing the following commands.

    grant all on <object_name> to public.

    Since we are granting permissions to public all the objects are wide open, any user who can access the database can access all the tables.

    I want revoke these permissions from all the objects and grant permission to only dbo.
    Ex: grant all on <object_name> to <db_dbo>

    Can I revoke and grant permissions in two statements, one to revoke from all the objects another to grant permission on all objects to dbo .

    Please respond.


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    If the tables/objects are owned by the dbo, then you don't need to grant anything - access to tables that you own is implicit.

    The revoke request has to be done on a per-object basis, but it is fairly easy to create such a script. For example, to revoke access from all tables:

    select "revoke all on " + name + char(10) + "go" from sysobjects where type='U'

    Save the output in a file, and then execute the file.


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