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    Unanswered: moving sys.aud$ to a different tablespace other than system

    I have a 10g RAC database system with a high volume of activity and would like to monitor a large slice of it using audit.

    I have reviewed all options of audit trails and chose “db, extended” to be the most suitable for my purposes!

    I’ve noticed that all audit data goes to sys.aud$ table in system tablespace.

    I have 3 questions:
    1. What is the logic behind putting this table in systems tablespace and not sysaux (10g)?
    2. Can I move sys.aud$ table to a different tablespace (should I expect trouble for doing so)?
    3. Is there any RAC implication if I move sys.aud$ table to a different tablespace?

    Tal Olier

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    I couldn't see any mention on moving it here. Although I moved it right now and nothing *strange* have happened (using Oracle XE). I believe you will have to work this with support and see what do they have to say about it. I remember one time this table made my system tablespace to grow huge until the system basically halts itself.

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