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    Unanswered: PDF Output in Access

    Hi there,

    I was wondering oif any one had any ideas about outputting to PDF file from an event. Ultimatley, I would like to output a from a report into an email in PDF format.


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    There are several options, you can buy Acrobat writer / distiller, you can use freeware product to to the same thing. Can't remember the name of the freeware product, but soemone recently contributed to a similar request in the Access section of this site. So at the risk of bringing the site to its knees try searching for PDF in the 'advanced search' section of the site.

    Personally for the cost of Acrobat, I'm not prepared to mess arround with Ghostscript and other things on customer sites, so I'm biased towards Acrobat. But others report good results from third party tools.
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    Cheers for your time/response.

    So simple free addin huh???

    Cheers Jason

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