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    Question Unanswered: HADR in DB2 8.2 Windows

    Hi Greetings

    We are using DB2 8.2 Enterprise Server Edition on Windows 2000 Server.

    We are planning to implement HADR for the existing database with a remote end database. The log file size would be approx. 200 MB per day.

    Can any one suggest what would be the bandwidth requirement for transferring approx 200 mb of log files every day? Is 64 kbps leased line is enough for this ?

    Hope i am not asking a wrong question.



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    Few points here.

    - The HADR Synchronous mode is very important, and has a large dependancy on the network bandwidth/latency.
    - SYNC or Near SYNC modes are dependant on the network, while with ASYNC, there are no network dependancies.

    If you are using SYNC/Near-SYNC mode, then you should work on your peak logging rate. 200MB/day comes out to 2.3KB/secs. With a 64kbps line, this is the same as 8KB/secs.
    So in theory you have enough capacity, but the 2.3KB/secs is an average number, you are likely to have huge peaks in there.

    You also need to understand the network latency, and add that to the round trip (if SYNC/Near-SYNC) to determine if the solution is viable.

    Graham Martin

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