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    Question Unanswered: Raw Vs filesystem ???

    Sybase DBA's and gurus.....

    I have a question regarding the use of raw partitions and filesystems using Sybase databases, my current scenario has the main database on raw volumes, with the transaction log on filesystem and temp also on filesystem, and I also remember having conversations in the past with DBA's stating that this setup is prefered as it performs better.

    Can anyone clear up for me if the transaction log performs better on filesystem than raw disk, or why a database setup in this way is preferred by DBA's (if at all????)

    Many thanks in Advance.


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    I would put both the data and log segments for the user database(s) on raw devices, and have tempdb on filesystem devices with dsync set to false.

    If you have to chose between the log and data devices I would put the log device(s) on raw.


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    I'm running Sybase 12.5.3 on Linux, with all devices on an ext3 filesystem (located on a RAID 1+0 fiber disk Dot Hill SAN). We ran benchmarks between ext3 fs devices and raw, and did not notice any significant difference in performance. For the tempdb devices, we're running with dsync turned off.

    FYI- up until 12.5.3 ESD #4, there was a bug that caused even dsync=on devices to be unsafe, but it's fixed in EBF 12876.



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    If SUN Micro delivers on the ZFS promise then raw v/s FS discussion will be moot. On paper ZFS looks excellent choice.

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