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    Question Unanswered: Basics, please don't laugh

    Ok guys, help needed for a newbie,

    Please try to chuckle at me rather than laugh....

    I have a database called teddybase, inside I have 6 tables teddya, teddyb, teddyc, teddyd, teddye & teddyf.

    In table teddyf, I have a field called "news",

    How do I display the text in the first 3 "news" field on the main page on my website?

    Hope I made sense.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi TeddyTash, and welcome to the forum...

    Can you rephrase your question?
    There is no where near enough info to provide a substantive answer. This ref has some good pointers on how to phrase a question to get the best possible response.

    For example you say you want show 3 rows of information on your website.
    So is your problem extracting the information from the database? IE you need some help in forming the SQL - if so then more information is needed on the table design.

    Alternatively is your problem a presentational - ie you are happy on how to extract the information from the db, but are unsure how to display that information? If so then we would need to know what method you have create the web page (eg PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, HTML), and ideally what code you have written so far to get to the presentationl stage. If this is so, then your question may be better asked in the approriate section oin ther site, rather than the MySQL section.

    Generally you are going to get a better answer if you can show what you have done so far, ie looking for asstiance on resolving an issue, rather than a complete solution then again you will get a better response.

    If little or no information is provided then the answers may be vague or inaapropriate. Some people come onto the site, usually in a vain attempt, to get people to do their coursework from scratch. If you make an attempt then you will get some help.
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    try this

    select news from teddyf limit 3;

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