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    Unanswered: load flat file+ ksh script + informix

    I have a ksh script in Autosys Job which loads to a flat file and then inserts into a table everyday. This script runs in Informix. It seems like it hasn't loaded the flat files to the tables for a week now.

    The error says: Fatal error in server row processing - SQL error -271 ISAM error -772

    There is another script which fragments the table. I guess this script didn't fragement the particular table. So I fragmented it.

    Now the ques is:

    I ran the script and it seem to load for one day (i.e. today). One problem I ran the script twice, does that mean it inserted the data twice? How do I delete that data from the table? Abd How Do I get the previous flat files so that I can load it to the table?

    It seems like it only creates one flat file everyday for one date.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    informix gives you the answers :
    # finderr -271
    -271 Could not insert new row into the table.

    This problem has many possible causes, including a locked table or a
    full disk. Check the accompanying ISAM error code for more

    # finderr -772
    -772 Record/key doesn't qualify for any table/index fragment.

    This error can occur during a record insert or update. The most likely
    cause is an incorrect fragmentation specification that did not specify
    a REMAINDER. The easiest correction is to add a REMAINDER fragment to
    your SQL statement. However, the best correction is probably to
    reexamine the original fragmentation specification, figure out what is
    wrong, and fix it with an ALTER FRAGMENT statement.
    so, I think, check it with your DBA-responsable.
    I can't guess what your script try to do i ?

    when you add rows to a table with a unique key ! Of course you can run this only once. But this will give you another error message.

    Yves & Willy

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