I have a little problem with a search on my site and I was hoping that someone here could make some suggestions on how I could solve this. I am totally new to asp and web development so please bare with me.
I use 4 dropdown menus to search a ms access database of 8,000 cards, the cards are split into different groups, by set, type, color and rarity. You can view it at the following address http://www.themazecomicstore.com/htm..._gathering.asp

Anyway the problem that I have is that when an item is out of stock it still shows up in the search, and at the moment there is quite a lot of items out of stock and it is making searching for in-stock item a bit frustrating. What I would like to do is seperate the in-stock and out of stock items before a customer searches, I tried adding an extra column to the database with yes/no to say if the item was in stock or not, and then used
strQuery = "SELECT DISTINCT Description FROM Cards WHERE InStock = 'Yes';"
But this didn't work, I also tried using WHERE UnitinStock > 1 and various other methods but none of them completely worked.

An idea I had was to use CREATE VIEW to create a table where InStock='Yes' and then run the queries on that, but I'm not sure if this can be done with an ms access db, if anyone has any ideas on what to do I would appreciate your input.