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    Unanswered: Should i go for MS SQL server or MySQL or PostgreSQL (was "SQL newbie")

    I am using WIN XP and i am starting to learn SQL. Could someone please tell me what is that best to run my SQL commands.
    Should i go for MS SQL server or MySQL or PostgreSQL.
    Oracle is too big to run on my PC & difficult to get. So, pls tell something i can download for free.

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    Both MySQL and PostreSQL are free. The Developer Edition of Microsoft SQL is $50 US, but the Express Edition is free. You'll have to sort out what you want to use based on your needs, but I'd be inclined to recommend the Developer Edition for many reasons if you are looking to learn a marketable skill.


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    Also Oracle Express is free.
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    last itme I heard you can also get a DB2 version for free. I think virtually all of the SQL server products have a free offering - must be getting scared that new users may get hooked on using MySQL or POSTGRES!
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    Unfortunately, all the db's mentioned have "enhancements" to the SQL specification that can very quickly make your SQL code db specific. There are 2 things to consider:

    1) Is this for a specific Project? Are you planning on building an particular application?

    2) Is this about the Database, and DBA routines, and Serverside SQL programming, or about getting data out of the DB.

    If it for a specific project, you need to consider the specs and eventual architecture.

    If it's about managing or programming a database, each db has SIGNIFICANT differences. Pick one or more and become proficient.

    If it's about gettting data in/out of a db, choose an access method (odbc/jdbc/.Net/oledb/DBI/etc.) to interface with, and choose any one you feel comfortable with, even MS Access. The more generic the access method, the less the backend DB matters.

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