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    Unanswered: Text / Numbers match min 80%

    Dear all,
    I have one table to be analised, but the data in the table.... catastrofic...
    truck No Driver Name Pasport No
    1 XX123AA Andreja Zivkovic 1112111
    2 Ab321XX Zivkov Andrea 1121111

    I nedd proceure wich will display maching letters and numbers in the fields to be 80 %, so 10 letters need 8 letters to match
    Thanks in advance!
    Andreja Zivkovic

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    mmm. that's not very nice!
    my immediate reaction is to reject the data - it is unacceptably corrupt

    otherwise...(and avoiding your original question beacuse any approach like that will take decades to run)

    soundexing each (all) parts of the name might crack the names issue.

    the numbers part is more difficult: it is hard to imagine a "soundex" mechanism for numbers. which pair is more similar??
    11211112: 11211113
    11211112: 11121112
    unlike words, each number is absolutley unique, each digit (byte(bit)) is equally meaningful.

    ?? sum the digits, compare sums
    - handles simple transposition and some other less likely typing errors but will produce many false hits:
    digitsum(1111111111) = digitsum(73)

    nothing meaningful comes to mind for matching two "similar" many-digit integers with typing errors.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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