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    Separate SQL Server 2005 Thread

    I think it is a major release and warants a separate thread

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    I think I need to wait for a moderator that understands these things.

    If it's important, we will do it.

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    The general concensus amongst the moderators is that this would
    • create an unneccessary additional burden on the moderating staff
    • create a un-maintainable precedent.
    We have a difficult enough time currently, in deciding when to move threads that are in the wrong forum. If we try to break out SQL Server 2005, shouldn't we also create separate forums for SQL Server 2000, 7, and 6?

    What about major Oracle releases? we're currently at 11g. WHat about 10g? 9i? 8i? 7?

    MySQL? split version 5 from earlier major releases?

    MS Access? Separate forums for the various versions also?

    Every single database vendor comes out with major new releases that all have unique features from their predecessors. We currently have about 20 separate forums that could be split into various sub-forums based on version... IF we were only a SQL Server forums site, then it would probably make sense. We don't limit ourselves to one vendor though. Here, it's just not a good idea.
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