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    Question Unanswered: DB2 monitor issue

    Hi All,
    I have troubles to interpret the output from DB2 snapshot monitor using table function.
    Statement used: select lock_wait_time,lock_waits from table(snapshot_database('dbname',-1 )) as snapshot_db

    Output: LOCK_WAIT_TIME = 0, LOCK_WAITS = 1049

    My question is if the total wait_time is 0, why are there some waits at all? Further more, after I RESET MONITOR ALL, the query result is till the same. What does LOCK_WAITS mean?
    Any advice and input is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    IIRC, Lock waits is collected by default whereas time waited on locks is collected only after you switch on monitoring for LOCKS (like update monitor switches using lock on ) ..
    When you swich on lock moniroting, you'll find time waited as 0, but the lock waits > 0 ..

    But not sure why your RESET didn't reset the lock waits ..

    What version and fix pak are your running ?

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    Hi sathyaram,
    Thank you for your advice. I am using DB2 ESE V8.1 with fixpack 6.
    It seems RESET MONITOR only resets counters which are controled by monitor switches, not the basic ones. Could this be true?

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