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    Unanswered: Recommendation Requests: Learning MS SQL Server for Sybase DBAs


    I have been working as Sybase DBA for 5+ years, and I would very much like to add MS SQL Server to my resume. Given the common roots of the two RDBMS, it seems that the learning curve would not be as sharp as if I were going to learn Oracle or DB2. Can anyone out there know of any books that are geared toward learning MS SQL Server from a Sybase DBAs perspective?

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    - Chris Merz

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    Assuming you've got a good understanding of Sybase, and want to take the "rocket sled" approach to getting into Microsoft SQL, I'd recommend Kalen Delaney's Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000, but it is NOT for the faint of heart!

    A slightly more civilized approach, would be Ken Henderson's The Guru's Guide to Transact-SQL. This takes a bit smaller bite in that it focuses on the programming side only, not on theory or administration, but it gets the job done and isn't nearly as overwhelming.

    A good "split the difference" between those two would be Richard Waymire's Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in 21 Days. This book covers almost everything you need to get started (and then some), and does it at a tolerable pace for most technical users. It gives you a good "middle ground" between the other two, and enough background for 98% of what you're likely to need for most SQL implementations.

    If none of these suit you, give me some feedback on why they don't and I'll try to give you another suggestion.


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    Thanks, Pat. I will certainly check out your recommendations, and I'll post my experiences back in this thread. I have been focusing more on administration than development over the past couple of years, so I will probably begin with the Delaney book.

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    Thanks again for your input.


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    the delaney book is not really an administration book. it is more like a quick look at the basics and then grinding details about the internals. do not get me wrong, it is a great book if you want to get real serious about SQL Server but I have to tell you I have not yet found myself using DBCC PAGE in the workplace.

    As for a great administration book, I have not read one. Books Online, maybe?
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