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    Unanswered: Recommendation Requests: Learning MS SQL Server for Sybase DBAs


    I have been working as Sybase DBA for 5+ years, and I would very much like to add MS SQL Server to my resume. Given the common roots of the two RDBMS, it seems that the learning curve would not be as sharp as if I were going to learn Oracle or DB2. Can anyone out there know of any books that are geared toward learning MS SQL Server from a Sybase DBAs perspective?

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    - Chris Merz

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    I did this a while ago. I can tell you one thing though. Sybase and MS SQL long from being similar. Even basic commands such as bcp and dump/load work differently in MS SQL Server.

    I went for a full week course at a Microsoft Education partner. It was very helpful, especially if you want to be good at it.

    From a management perspective, I really like MS SQL 2005 extremely easy to manage. From a technical perspective it is a bad thing sort of making most DBA's redundant.

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