Hi everyone, i'm a new user here and new to INFORMIX as well. So far, what i knew was each program consists of main, function, report, screen file and global declaration statements. So everytime a program is considered started to run is a screen window will come out and require user to enter information. But is there alternative ways that don't use screen file or ask user to enter anything and this program can run automatically when the conditions are reached?

I need to create a system to remind subcontractor to submit final work done quantity for a completed floor within 2 weeks if LA has breakdown.

the conditions are:
if LA has breakdown and there is a floor completed and if the sub contractor don't submit the final work done quantity within 2 weeks, the system will automatically generate a reminder letter to sub contractor.

so is there any alternative ways to create this system?

it's an extremely urgent task that need to be complete...please help me