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    Question Unanswered: Delete Archive Logs

    Delete Archive Logs

    Hi all

    I have oracle 9i DB.
    I wanna to use the Rman in (OEM) for the first time.

    If I (Kicked out) all users then I delete all the archive logs then I make full backup for the DB.

    (because I use the system before 3 years and there are a huge size of archive log files)

    in the next time when I use Rman I'll choose the option to delete archive log file automatic.

    Are there any risk if I delete Archive lohs before backup operation (while no user is loged on)

    thanx in advance

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    Let RMAN do its job (i.e. delete the archive logs for you). Yes, they are a lot of risk if you delete the logs before the backup. Have a read at this site. It should get you started.

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