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    Unanswered: Update trigger: getting old value and new value


    Im facing some problem with the update trigger,

    I wrote a short script to actually insert a new record in a table
    once a record is updated..

    Lets say i have two tables
    1) Master - OldValue
    2) Slave - OldValue, NewValue

    Master table has 1 column (OldValue)
    Slave table has 2 columns (OldValue,NewValue)

    I want each updated record to be stored in Slave table with OldValue and NewValue

    Below is my script

    L> create or replace trigger testtrigger
    2 before update on master
    3 for each row
    4 begin
    5 insert into slave values (: Old.OldValue);
    6 end testtrigger
    7 /

    The problem is the my script can only get the old value, how do i actually get the new value and store it in a single record in slave table?

    I even tried to use the update after trigger, but returned compilation error

    create or replace trigger testtrigger1
    after update on master
    for each row
    insert into slave values (: old.OldValue,:new.OldValue);
    end testtrigger1

    Any guidance will be appreciated..thanks..
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    thanks guys, manage to do it using the following url

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