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    Unhappy Unanswered: Crosstab Query Error please help!

    Let me start out by saying I am the most basic user on the planet. Everything I have read allready has mostly just confused me.

    I am trying to have a Report that I built from a Crosstab Query open between specified dates.

    I have.....

    Entered in the Criteria under Date:

    Between "[Forms]![Which Date?]![Start Date]" And "[Forms]![Which Date?]![Finish Date]"

    Entered in the Paramaters:

    [Forms]![Which Date?]![Start Date] with a data type of Date/Time

    [Forms]![Which Date?]![Finish Date] with a data type of Date/Time

    Built a form (called Which Date?) with:

    2 unbound text boxes called Start Date and Finish Date

    I am getting an error message that says:

    This expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated. For example, a numeric expression may contain too many complicated elements. Try simplifying the expression by assigning parts of the expression to variable.

    What is that about?

    Other details I should mention

    -The Crosstab Query is built from another query that is built on a couple of tables.

    -I really am not up on database lingo, so please talk down to me.



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    Hi Alesha, and welcome to the forum,......

    try your phrase without the quotes ("), that should work

    Between [Forms]![Which Date?]![Start Date] And [Forms]![Which Date?]![Finish Date]
    if that fails consider explicitly telling the query to excpet a date value
    Between cdate([Forms]![Which Date?]![Start Date]) And cdate([Forms]![Which Date?]![Finish Date])
    if that fails consider putting the date between hash symbols (#).

    However I'm pretty certain that removing the quotes will do the job.
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    Smile Thanks, but......

    Thanks, it did work, but for some reason I get four promts. (2 for start Date and 2 for finish date)

    Any idea why?


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