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    Unanswered: Query slow on Client, fast on Server

    I have a very unusual situation - we converted a client from DB2 7.2 to MS SQL Server 2000, SP3. There is one report that runs very quickly when ran on the Database Server, but it takes a long time to complete when it is ran from a client system. This query is ran from within the application and not from within Query Analyzer.

    Has anyone else here ever encountered this issue? What did it turn out to be? I am leaning away from it being a network issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd start here. Give us more to work with, and you'll get far better answers!


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    network issues? have you run it in the QA from somewhere other than the DB server? what reporting tool are you using? a few years ago with crystal 7 stand alone reports I had issues like this. Are you using stored procedures?
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