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    Unanswered: Need advice for schema re-design data warehouse

    Fellow Oracle Gurus:

    We need to improve our data warehouse application design environment. Current environment is Oracle 10g on Linux.

    I have a question about what the advantages and disadvantages of changing the current data warehouse schema to split into several smaller individual schemas based on operations. What are some of the pros and cons:

    Single large schema for entire data warehouse


    Several smaller individual schemas for data warehouse environment.

    Developers are wanting to have just one schema but we want to split this into multiple schemas to improve support and disaster recovery. What are some additional benefits for multiple schemas with our warehouse? Thanks!

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    >we want to split this into multiple schemas to improve support and disaster recovery.
    Exactly how does having multiple schemas improve support & disaster recovery?
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    multiple schemas for recovery

    OK- here is the deal..

    we have multiple applications (finance/payroll/GL) share same schema in current data warehouse. If I need to flashback the schema than must do for all applications which is too time consuming. Now if I have multiple schemas for warehouse with each application in a separate schema and I have failure on a single application, then I only need flashback that application schema and not the entire database. Less time consuming. Am I correct here?

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