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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Access to Mysql

    We Change our database in to Access in to Mysql. I met an one problem. i am sharing this to all members in if anyone knows the answer plz mail me @
    or reply to this poster...

    The problem is,
    we are working for gulf company. so some fileds is having a arabic words. i am trying to convert this fileds from Access to Mysql. the specific filed contains some different values like ?????????? or some machine codes
    I search on the net and download some software to convert this.

    i have tried one more method. i-e export that table in to csv format and then import using phpmyadmin. i met the same result.
    plz help me to overcome this problem.
    with regards,
    Inigo Nirmal.N

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    sounds like its a MYSQL localistion / setup issue. What character set have you defined for your MySQL server. It defaults to Swedish

    you may need to consider using unicode to store your data.

    Check to see if the version of MySQL supports unicode, it didn't at version 3.23.36 it is / was planned for for later releases.
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